1.  The top quality of AQUAPHOR filters.  The construction of AQUAPHOR filters is made entirely in 2 of the most advanced technological factories worldwide, in Russia and the USA respectively.

  • Aquaphor is one of the largest manufacturing companies in Europe and one of the unique companies that disclose to consumers the ultra-modern and secure way of manufacturing the filter. Our filters meet the hygiene requirements of the European standards and are also certified by Governmental and private bodies. All our filters display the date of their production and use safe technologies that are proven decades.
  • Many water filter companies source the device and the replacement of activated carbon from Eastern Countries and then present them as manufacturers either from Greece or from the USA tricking the consumers.


2. AQUAPHOR always make publicly available the ingredients contained in its products for information and consumer safety. All our products are tested for decades and are certified by private and Governmental bodies. All our products are safe as they have technologies with natural ingredients,

  • AQUAPHOR is one of the few companies that publicize to consumers the ingredients contained in its filters. All the materials we use in our filters are certified by private and Governmental bodies. You can see more on AQUAPHOR technologies
  • Usually, most companies simply mention only the ingredient "pharmaceutical activated carbon" or "solidified" and nothing more.

Activated carbon alone is not sufficient for proper water filtration; see more about it in the Isotopic Absorption Matrix technology.

3.  The difference between AQUALEN in synergy with the excellent activated carbon quality having all AQUAPHOR water filters versus the conventional resins of other water filters.

An additional property of AQUALEN technology is that it distributes the water flow evenly through the filter. The amount of surface area that comes in contact with water is increased thanks to an optimal method of mixing AQUALEN with other filtration technologies, so there are no "dead zones"  in the process of filtration. The space between the granules and AQUALEN fibers is very dense, 3-5 times smaller gap in diameter, than a human hair.

AQUALEN features:

  • Allows high speed in water filtration when removing impurities.
  • Effective removal of heavy metals from water of any hardness (salts).
  • Improved anti-bacterial property-filters with AQUALEN are better at eliminating bacteria than conventional resins
  • 100% filtering of water without impurity bypassing the filter.
  • Filters made with AQUALEN absorb impurities much faster due to their increased surface.
  • Using AQUALEN in collaboration with active carbon creates a powerful synergistic effect.
  • Most water filters contain conventional resin, however many water filter companies do not contain conventional resins in their filters due to low production costs or lack of know-how.
  • Scientifically proven and documented. The properties of AQUALEN have significantly improved cleaning performance than other conventional cleaning resins.

4.  The presence of Hollow Fiber in water filters.

Scientifically proven and documented. The presence of Hollow Fiber in water filters has significantly improved purification efficiency.

The Hollow Fiber is fiber membranes very thin as tubes that have porous walls. The tubes (fibers) hypoallergenic, are about 1 mm thick. Its porous allow water to flow through the fibers about 0.1 Micrometer, which is approximately 800 times thinner than a human hair, so small that it doesn't allow passage for even the most minor impurities.

AQUAPHOR water filters contain Hollow FiberConventional water filters do not contain Hollow Fiber.


5.  The technology in each water filter should ensure the absence of diodes inside it when the water is filtered.

Common filters usually have two main problems:

  1. The inability to use smaller grain sizes
  2. The effectiveness of "retention"

The action of retention has to do with the movement of granules with the flowing water. As the water passes through the filter, channels are created through which the impurities or part of the water do not make contact.

  • Aquaphor uses high-quality active carbon, produced from coconut bark, contains IAM technology (compact active carbon with high-density membrane) to prevent the creation of diodes. However, Aquaphor filters, using granules twice as small as those on a regular filter, retain impurities four times faster.
  • Third-party water filters do not contain IAM technology ( compact activated carbon with high-density membrane ) to prevent the creation of diodes. Most other companies ' water filters are made with simple solidified carbon or ceramic filters.


 Conventional filter (left) and lack of channels in Aquaphor filters (right).


6.  "Separation" from who manufactures the water filters and who assembles them where it states the origin.


  • AQUAPHOR manufactures entirely all its water filters in its own factories around the world (Russia - Estonia - America) with equally high standards.   
  • Many water filter companies source their filter component (Spare Parts e.g anthrax) from countries of the East with moderate quality and then assemble them in Greece or in the U.S.A.

7.  The cost of filters, functionality, replacement of filters

  • AQUAPHOR thanks to the P&T technology that adapts to most filters, does not require the presence of a technician for the installation and replacement of filters. However, even AQUAPHOR water filters are of top quality they sell at relatively low price and maintenance costs.
  • Many water filters maintain high prices in the filter market but also in the replacement of filters with questionable quality and without certifications where many times they end up being dangerous.

8.  Water filters with UV lamp - water filters with OZONE (prohibited by FDA and not approved by FDA-US Food and Drug Administration)

The use of lamp UV is not needed in the water network that exists in the greater part of Cyprus since it contains chlorine (which is deducted 100% of the AQUAPHOR filters). Also apart from the high cost, UV is not effective at removing some harmful micro-organisms.

Water filters with Ozone are not scientifically proven that are beneficial for humans, and no official scientific research has proven the opposite, however, it is scientifically documented that daily use of UV can be harmful. One of the main drawbacks, besides high cost, is the creation of by-products in the water, a high risk of developing bacteria in the water can which contain high amounts of toxic compounds, such as compounds from formaldehyde and ketones. It is documented that household appliances, in the quantities that enrich water with ozone, are not sufficient to sterilize 100% water. Chlorination is the best and safest method of sterilization.


9.  Comparison of bottled water with AQUAPHOR water filter (water from the tab)

The water from the tab in combination with the AQUAPHOR water filter is the ideal combination for the most suitable and pure drinking water of superior quality than bottled water and this is why:

Water from the tab in combination with AQUAPHOR filter:  

  • has the right hardness, light-soft water without salts.
  • has ideal PH alkaline 7+
  • contains no heavy metals.
  • contains no toxic substances.
  • contains no nitrates.
  • contains no chlorine.
  • provides us with the trace elements that the human body needs.
  • contains no microbes-bacteria-virus-cysts.
  • No smell, no taste.
  • Ideal hardness ratio as defined by legislation, 80-150ppm CaCO3

Instead all bottled water:

  • Calculated from Government and private research that 1 in 3 bottled water there is chemical or bacterial contamination well above the permissible limits for the human body.
  • There is an additional development (in all bottled) of harmful elements in the water during transportation and from the secretions of plastic packaging.
  • All bottled water contains nitrates in some quantity, most periodically above the permissible limits of European legislation and almost most in the Cyprus market, above the limit of American legislation for the human body. If the human body stop taking daily the amount of nitrogen from the bottled water and food, and within a short period of time improves the overall health, acquire more well-being as it does not hinder the transport of oxygen in the blood by the daily quantities of nitrate that has been accustomed to receiving. 
  • Plastic bottles cause huge environmental pollution.
  • Indicative annual cost of bottled water for a family of four: over €700

10. In addition to the private NSF, AQUAPHOR filters are certified by official government bodies. 

AQUAPHOR is certified by the Institute of Toxicology by the Russian Ministry of Health and by LGA and TUV Nord.

Technological leadership of AQUAPHOR:

Aquaphor is a leader in cleaning, drinking water technology. The unique properties of our products are protected by 80 patents and demonstrate technological excellence compared to other manufacturers, who follow our technologies. Aquaphor water filters are better than other manufacturers of water filters in the following areas:

  • In the effectiveness of cleaning (sand, clay, rust, ...) The elimination effectiveness of organic impurities (phenols, pesticides, organochlorinated compounds ...)
  • On the effectiveness of elimination from unpleasant tastes and odors.
  • The effectiveness of ion removal from heavy metals and removal of colloidal iron.
  • In removal from germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Better speed in water purification and lifetime of filter spare parts.

Aquaphor water filters