AQUAPHOR Corp. is a subsidiary of Electrophor inc (USA) and is the largest water filter manufacturer in Europe with exports to more than 70 countries in the world. AQUAPHOR's facilities include integrated production lines, research and microbiology laboratories, engineering, automation, design, and quality control departments

AQUAPHOR uses the best technologies and materials and is the first to use NANO technologies in water treatment

AQUAPHOR Technologies:


Polyester polyacrylate based polymers is a unique fibrous material created by Aquaphor.

Polymers - high-molecular compounds with huge filtration surfaces are made from monomers. (filtering capabilities: mechanical, adsorbent, ion exchange). Filters with AQUALEN have a 33-fold higher filtration surface than conventional water filters. In addition, they reduce the water hardness level. They effectively reduce heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes, which conventional filters can not do. In addition, they reduce the water hardness level. They effectively reduce heavy metals such as copper, lead, iron, mercury and radioactive isotopes, which conventional filters can not do. Filters with AQUALEN are best in the fight against microorganisms such as microbial coliforms etc. The presence of AQUALEN on the filter, in conjunction with coal, creates a powerful synergistic effect. The hydrophilicity of Aqualen fibers allows 100% filtration and filtration of water without any dirt to bypass the filter.

Isotropic Absorption Matrix

IAM technology allows for clean cleaning of each drop of water. By acting like the roots of a tree, Aqualen fibers penetrate the cartridge and granules of the adsorbent bonds into a dense structure. The water is evenly distributed in the cartridge, which contributes to more complete cleaning. In Aquaphor cartridges, because of the IAM, there are no loose particles that could contribute to the formation of paths through which water can pass without proper treatment.

Dynamic Fixation of Silver

DFS. Pioneering method of applying silver to its most active ionic form, dynamic silver fixation on AQUALEN fibers. Aquaphor filters use an effective and safe method to combat bacterial proliferation. Thanks to DFS technology, the active silver ions are well fixed on the Aqualen fibers and are not rinsed in water, providing 100% protection against microorganisms.

DFS meets all the European Union's hygiene and safety standards.

DWAY - Optimal mineralization

DWAY. The only technology to optimize the balance of useful substances. Thanks to DOUBLE WAY technology, water is enriched with metallic components in strictly metered amounts. Filtered water after the membrane from specially processed natural minerals small pearls of dolomite-calcium-magnesium pearl and is enriched with these elements so that this water has a beneficial effect on our body to have beneficial effects on the normalization of physiological processes of the human organism.

WWT / water-water storage tank

The water-in-water storage tank. It is (NOW HAU) of AQUAPHOR - twice the water drop. Saves up to 9 tonnes of water per year. Reduces operating costs by 50%. Ensures smooth Reverse Osmosis operation with reduced pressure on the water supply network (1.9 bar).

AQUAPHOR filters have been tested and approved for sale in EU countries and other countries. The quality of the products is certified by the Worldwide Audit Organization (LGA, TUV CERT, NSF) and fully complies with the highest European and international standards.

AQUAPHOR's products possess 8 US and 49 RU patents. (

CFB / CarbFiber Block

CFBCarbFiber Block technology for the product of compact activated carbon filters from the finest carbon varieties, AQUALEN polymeric fibers and silver nano crystals are the so-called "Silver Filters".

Carbfiber-block filter properties (Cf-block):

  1. Exceeds 10 to 20 times the resin and active carbon
  2. 780 times faster recognizes and neutralizes heavy metals
  3. Softens and sterilizes water without removing trace elements
  4. Removes iron even from water with high salt content!
  5. Filters produced using this technology are more effective and durable, even in highly polluted 

ICM Iterative Computer Modeling

Computer simulation technology. ICM contributes to the best choice of materials and design for Aquaphor products. During simulation we test the durability and other characteristics of filters that are important in terms of use. For example, the ICM allowed the DWM to achieve a pressure value five times the required (up to 30 atmospheres).

Click and Turn

Despite the technological complexity, the Aquaphor water filters are ergonomic and easy to use. Replacement of used cartridges does not require any special skills or tools. Simply push the button and turn the cartridge.

HSS Hazard Safe Service

With HSS technology, the use of Aquaphor filters is even more comfortable and secure. To prevent any contact between the user and the accumulated contaminants, the cartridges are replaced with their envelope. This additionally protects your health and the health of your family.

Manufacture of AQUAPHOR filters