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Ergo Aqua Ltd considers privacy as a fundamental and non-negotiable component of our business. This concerns the personal data of our clients, employees, and associates. Ergo Aqua's Privacy Policy and all our daily practices focus on processing, sharing and storing personal information correctly and legally, while at the same time ensuring confidentiality, integrity and immediate availability.

This Privacy Policy applies to Ergo Aqua Ltd, which operates legally in the Republic of Cyprus and our partners, both inside and outside the Republic of Cyprus. Ergo Aqua Ltd processes and stores personal data within E.E and can at any time demonstrate compliance with existing and European legislation, as well as with our principles set out in this policy.

We collect and use personal information (including name, address, phone number, and email) in order:

  • Answer any questions or requests you have submitted
  • We provide services such as email notification and SMS notification service
  • To allocate or fulfill our obligations in relation to any agreement you have with us, such as the receipt and delivery of postal items
  • Anticipate and resolve problems with the services provided to you

This Privacy Statement represents the general Privacy Policy applicable to Ergo Aqua Ltd activities that include the web activities of Ergo Aqua Ltd website such as The declaration describes the kind of information that we collect from our customers online, via electronic mail (emails), faxes (fax) and by means of the Accompanying Shipment Documents and how we use that information.

All our activities in relation to the collection and processing of personal data of individuals comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), (regulation (E.Hey.) 2016/679), which is a direct binding legislative act.

GDPR aims to protect individuals against the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data.

It also regulates issues of data transfer across European borders. It protects natural persons in the union, irrespective of their place of residence and nationality.

The privacy policy is under the responsibility of the legal team at Ergo Aqua Ltd, which has the overall responsibility for full compliance. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for the implementation of the data protection policy, which is intrinsically linked to the Privacy Policy. The DPO certifies compliance on a daily basis and participates in all relevant issues regarding the protection of personal data.

By decision of the BOD of Ergo Aqua Ltd on the 10th of December 2018, DPO was defined as the master Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:

Ergo Aqua Ltd is to be considered as the controller of data protection and determines the purposes and means of processing personal data submitted and collected by our company.

Basic Principles

Ergo Aqua Ltd's data protection policy is based on the following data protection principles:

  1. The processing of personal data takes place in a legal, fair and transparent manner.
  2. The collection of personal data will be held only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and the data will not be processed in a way incompatible with those purposes.
  3. The collection of personal data will be sufficient, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purpose for which they are processed.
  4. Personal data should be accurate and, where necessary, up-to-date.
  5. Every reasonable step should be made to ensure that personal data that are inaccurate – in relation to the purposes for which they are used - are erased or rectified without delay.
  6. Personal data should be kept in a form which permits identification of the data subject for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which personal data is used.
  7. All personal data will remain confidential and stored in a manner that assures proper security (security).
  8. Personal data will not be sold, transferred or/and shared with third parties except when it is necessary to offer specific services, and only pursuant to a written agreement with the natural person who is the owner of personal data
  9. Data subjects will have the right to require access to and correction or deletion of personal data, or limitation of processing, or objection to processing as well as the right of data portability.

Personal data

Personal Data means any information that may be relevant to an identifiable or non-identifiable natural person. Personal Data includes all kinds of information that are directly or indirectly (that means, used in conjunction with other data) attributable to the data subject, such as name, date of birth, physical address, email address, telephone numbers, etc.

Collection of personal data

The use of Ergo Aqua Ltd services requires the collection of some personal data by users, such as:

  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone Number
  • Tax Identification Number (VAT number)
  • VAT number
  • National Identification Number (ID or passport number)
  • General description of postal consignments (no details)

Users of the site who want to benefit from our services and submit information to us you may be asked to provide such personal data to be possible in the Ergo Aqua Ltd., to operate and improve our company and our services.

The above Personal Data are required to provide transport services and courier services to our customers, including the receipt, shipment (by road, by air, by sea) and the delivery of postal items and other consignments.

Also, the Personal Data used to send you a proposal for our services, to inform our customers about any delays in the transport and delivery of shipments, damage and loss of items and send you an electronic invoice service.

This is the core business of Ergo Aqua Ltd. This means that the initial process involves gathering some personal data to complete the financial proposal to our client.

In the case of an application for a position with Ergo Aqua Ltd: We can ask for the physical address of the candidate when applying for a job (see related article below).

In addition, we collect personal data for other purposes, such as statistics, management and communication, information technology and security management, physical security, certification and certification systems (e.g. ISO), support systems, the collaboration of internal projects and organizational teams and activities.

We will process personal data only to the extent required for a specified, explicit and legitimate purpose or a necessary purpose of the law.

In any case, requires the explicit, clear and specific consent of the individual for the collection, processing, and keeping of personal data. For personal data of minors under the age of 16, clear consent of the parent or guardian is required. Ergo Aqua Ltd shall keep a record and allows the individual to diversify the consent given for a specific use, as many times as changed my mind, freely and without any charge.

Use of personal data

Ergo Aqua Ltd uses personal data only for the purpose it is collected and will keep the data only for as long as is necessary for this purpose. We maintain customer information for as long as the customer's account is active or as needed to provide services, in compliance with our legal obligations, or with any of the purposes listed above. Access to personal data is strictly limited to Ergo Aqua Ltd personnel.

Notification of a breach

In the event of a security breach involving personal data, Ergo Aqua Ltd will inform the Competent Authorities within 72 hours of becoming aware of this fact. After consulting the authorities, we will also inform the individuals (subjects) whose personal information has been compromised. Ergo Aqua Ltd keeps a record of all personal data security breaches.

Use of Cookies

The website of Ergo Aqua Ltd uses cookies or similar technologies to ensure excellent user experience and to analyze trends, to administer the website, to observe the movements of the user across the website, and to gather demographic information on our user base as a whole.

By accessing, browsing and/or using the site, users acknowledge without limitation or reservation, that they have read, understand, and agree to be subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, and for this consent to our use of cookies in accordance with these terms.

Generally, users can visit our website without having to disclose any personal information. Cookies are small text files placed on the user's device to monitor usage patterns and registration preferences. Cookies on our website do not contain information that can identify individuals. H Ergo Aqua Ltd gathers certain information automatically through the use of cookies and tracking technologies such as addresses of internet protocol (IP), the type of browser, provider internet service (ISP), pages reference/output, the files that appear in the page (i.e HTML pages, graphics), operating systems, print date/time, and/or browsing data to analyse trends in total and to manage the page. Users of the site can control and restrict the use of cookies on the level of the private browser, however, if users choose to disable cookies, this may restrict the use of certain features or functions on our website or our services.

Cookies can be "perpetual cookies" or "periodic cookies".

A permanent cookie will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until the specified expiry date unless deleted by the user before the expiry date.

A Cookie magazine, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user's period when the web browser is closed. Ergo Aqua Ltd uses both, periodically and continuously cookies on our website.

Ergo Aqua Ltd also uses Google Analytics to analyze usage and access to our website. The provider of the analysis service (Google) produces statistics and other information about the use of the website with the help of cookies. The detailed cookies used by our website have the following names: _ga, _gat.

The generated information regarding our website is used to create reports about our website. The privacy policy of the analysis service provider is available at:

Users can control and/or delete cookies as they wish (for details and directions, you can visit Blocking or deleting all cookies will likely have a negative effect on the stability of the web pages. Users can freely choose to close the cookies on the Ergo Aqua Ltd website. However, they may not be able to use some of the features on our website.

Sharing of personal data

Personal data is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary for the provision of our services and only with the written and express consent of the data subject.

Occasionally, Ergo Aqua Ltd enters into agreements with other companies and business partners that provide services to us, for example with legal advisors to demand compensation for the loss of a postal item.

Such partners-service providers will only be allowed to acquire the personal data they need to provide their service.

Ergo Aqua Ltd undertakes not to share, sell and/or deliver personal data to third parties in order to promote third party products and services.

In some cases, Ergo Aqua Ltd may be asked to deliver personal information in response to legitimate requests from supervisors to meet the requirements of GDPR. Ergo Aqua Ltd has the right to deliver personal information if required by law or to comply with a judicial decision or call, or other legal processes, when we believe - in good faith - that the delivery is necessary to protect our rights, to protect the safety of our customers or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to an official government request.

Processing Security

Ergo Aqua Ltd processes Personal Data safely and responsibly and is committed to implement and maintain the right technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, in particular where the processing involves the transfer of data through a network, and against all other illegal forms of processing. Questions about the security of personal data, can be sent to the DPO, Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:

Access to personal data, correction and/or erasure of personal data

All the customers of Ergo Aqua Ltd have the right, without charge, to access, correction, or to require the shut-off or restriction of the processing of any information Ergo Aqua Ltd has collected, at any time and for any reason without any charge.

More specifically, all individuals have the right without charge to interfere with their data in order to correct them (Right of Correction), to request receipt of the data, in a structured, compatible and interoperable format, readable by machines (e.g., optical discs CD, DVDs) in order to forward to another controller (Right to Portability), and even the deletion (Right to be Forgotten) of their personal data under certain conditions.

In order to hold personal data up-to-date, we advise users to inform us of any changes or deviations. To examine or edit personal data, or to receive information on how long the Ergo Aqua Ltd intends to maintain personal data or other questions related to access of personal data, or if you want to submit a request, in order to provide you with information on whether we maintain or process from third parties any of your personal information, please contact the DPO, Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:

Application for work

For job applications, Ergo Aqua Ltd processes and checks the correctness of the personal data of the candidate. Applications are not stored for more than necessary (up to 30 days after receipt of the application) and will not be shared with any third party, natural person and/or legal entity. After the end of the data storage period (maximum 30 days), the electronic data will be erased and the forms will be securely destroyed. If applicants wish to access, correct, delete personal data, please contact DPO Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:

E-mails marketing

Ergo Aqua Ltd, after the consent, can send customers e-mail correspondence (e-mails) with promotional material and offers. These e-mails contain information that we believe can be interesting for our customers, such as the latest news about our products and services. The specific form of consent must be freely given, in particular, up-to-date and clear. This pre-requisite shall be fulfilled when customers have opted in writing to receive electronic mail (e-mails) with informative material and offers (active agreement).

Customers will always have the right to request via email and at no cost, the termination of sending of such e-mail without the need to provide specific justification. Customers can do this by sending email to DPO Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:


Ergo Aqua Ltd is accountable to individuals and authorities to implement and demonstrate full compliance with GDPR as well as with our principles set out here in this policy. Ergo Aqua Ltd will maintain records of the processed activities under its responsibility containing the information required by GDPR and will make the records available to supervisors on request.

The Privacy Statement is under the responsibility of the legal team at Ergo Aqua Ltd. Any questions regarding this policy can be addressed to the DPO Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email:


Customers, employees, and partners have the right to submit any complaint regarding the manner of collection, processing, and use of personal data by Ergo Aqua Ltd. All questions and complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner by the DPO in accordance with our company's internal procedures.

In the unlikely event that customers have suffered damage due to a violation of their rights under the data protection legislation and Ergo Aqua Ltd has not dealt with the complaint in a sufficient way, the customers can complain formally to the supervisors.

Also, complaints can be submitted in writing to Ms. Stalo Ioannidou, email: The DPO will respond in writing to any complaint, request or observation within 72 hours of receiving the message.

Ergo Aqua Ltd makes every effort to respond adequately to requests and to resolve disputes that may arise with consumers, partners, and customers. At the same time, inform the Office for Commission of the regulation of ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS and POSTAL services undertakes to resolve any disputes, either on his own initiative or upon request by any body or person. For information, forms and the procedure for filing a complaint and/or a request for settlement of a dispute, please contact:

Office of the commission for the regulation of electronic communications and post at: Ilioupolis 12, 1101 Nicosia, Cyprus, and postal code 24412, 1704 Nicosia, Cyprus telephone: + 357 22693000-fax: +357 22693070 Email: -Website:

Changes to this policy

This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time with the aim of fully harmonizing with any amendments to the relevant legislation or changes to the corporate structure of Ergo Aqua Ltd. Prior to material changes in the policy, customers will be informed in writing by e-mail or through a warning on the Ergo Aqua Ltd website in advance.

Ergo Aqua Ltd encourages and invites all users to periodically check this page for the latest information on privacy practices of our company.



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