New -48% Pitcher AQUAPHOR Amethyst 2.8L with replacement filter

Characteristics of the AQUAPHOR Amethyst 2.8L Pitcher:

  • Pitcher Capacity: holds 1.34L (5 cups) of filtered water 
  • Lid style: a slider with a mechanical filter life indicator
  • Filter life: 200 liters (52 gallons) or 2 months

The AQUAPHOR Amethyst is a handy water filter pitcher with a simple design and is comfortable to look at and use daily. Compact and ergonomic, with its moderate color line, Amethyst pitcher fits inside the refrigerator door for even greater space efficiency. A small movement with the slider lid will make it even easier to fill the funnel when space under the tap is limited.

Characteristics of the AQUAPHOR Amethyst filter “MAXFOR B25"

The AQUAPHOR Amethyst filters “MAXFOR B25” are manufactured in accordance with the latest advances in nanotechnology and they kill germs, bacteria, viruses, soften water, regulate pH, remove all harmful organic compounds leaving in the water the inorganic substances necessary for humans. The filter “MAXFOR B25” has increased capacities and a longer duration (200 liters, while the German ones have only 100 liters).

The replacement filter in our popular oval fit reduces harmful substances such as organic compounds, iron, lead and chlorine, sediment and odor. All parts of the filter are produced by AQUAPHOR and are BPA-free certified.

“Scientifically proven AQUAPHOR pitchers are the most reliable and most effective water purifiers compared to pitchers of other companies"

Preparing the device:

  1. Place the filter cartridge into the socket, fill the pitcher 3-4 times, and then dispose of the filtered water. The pitcher is ready for use.
  2. Turn on the mechanical gauge: Position the compass to 100 by rotating the lid with the compass. With each fill of the pitcher, the compass will take a step forward. At 0, change the filter and reset the counter.

Pitcher AQUAPHOR Amethyst 2.8L with replacement filter

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