AQUAPHOR Certifications

NSF Quality Certification

European ISO Certification

Quality Control Certification

LGA Quality Certification


Certification of Effectiveness 

Russian Ministry of Health 

About the Certifications.....

The technologies provided by the AQUAPHOR filter document scientifically its reliability and efficiency for clean drinking water.

Tested & Certified by:

  • TUV NORD: It certifies that it meets the European specifications and the manufacturer's specifications regarding the removal of pollutants, the quality of the production process, and the ingredients manufactured.
  • NSF: The filter is certified by the World Health Organization with Performance Efficiency
  • LGA:  One of the toughest German certifications that certify both the quality of the filter and its efficiency. 
  • CE: Complies with European Union directives and fulfills the conditions required by Community directives.
  • RU: All AQUAPHOR water filters have been approved by the Institute of Toxicology of the Russian Ministry of Health.
  • ISO: Quality & Safety Certification
  • Sedex: Quality certification for the production process

Water purified from Aquaphor filters is recommended for baby foods. The High Quality of Drinking Water Cleaning from Aquaphor Filters was confirmed by tests conducted at the Institute of Toxicology by the Russian Ministry of Health and recommended for use in the manufacture of baby food.

10 times faster water filtration and 33 times more space than conventional water filters

The following diagram compares the AQUAPHOR solid carbon film with the filters with plain active solid/granular carbon technology as most manufacturers adapt to the international market.
* According to strength tests: GOST R 51872-2002 and the corresponding NSF 42 and 53