New -37% AQUAPHOR Modern with 2 replacement filters

Description of AQUAPHOR Modern:

Its modern and elegant design fits every kitchen counter. High-quality and aesthetic, easy to use, ideal for the removal of all harmful elements from the tub water, giving us the cleanest and highest quality water, free from harmful substances. It has a built-in calendar to change the filters on time. It is placed next to the sink and connects to the faucet with a tube (70 cm - not extendable) and adapter for filtered and unfiltered water.

Characteristics of the replacement filter B200

The replacement filters B200 contain composite active carbon with polymer fibers and bacteriostatic silver. The 2 filters available on the device are for cold water only and must be changed once a year depending on the use.

Removes bacteria, chemicals-toxic substances, germs, pesticides 97%, heavy metals 95%, the smell and taste from chlorine in water 100%, slightly removes hardness, does not remove useful trace elements for the human body as it maintains the alkaline pH in water. Removes all harmful elements from the water by double filtering (contains 2 filters inside). Aquaphor filters are produced with the highest standards of Hygiene and safety.

Lifetime of the 2 replacement filters B200: 4,000 liters or 1 year - whatever comes first.

How To Use-Install:

The use of the device and the replacement of the filters are very simple:

  1. After installing the AQUAPHOR Modern in our faucet, we allow 10 minutes the water to pass through the device (in a new device the 2 replacement filters are already attached).
  2. We can consume the water that passes through AQUAPHOR Modern.

AQUAPHOR Modern with 2 replacement filters

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